phone call February 2020

"Andi! It’s me, Ingo!!"
"Servus, Ingo! How are you, what's up?"
“Andi, I have a sick idea. You‘re in?"
"Ingo, normally you have to first say what it's about!"

"Andi! For sure! Listen! What do we love the most?"
"Our families!"
"Yeah, that‘s for sure. But after that? "


"You’re right, my dear. Listen. We love these wines as much as we love the bands that we still hear. But what do we not get from them? You know it? CORRECT. T-shirts! So instead of band shirts we make wine shirts! "
"Ingo, that‘s genius . I‘m in. And how are we going to call it?"

"Prost, to the shirts Andi!"
"Thank you, Prost! But how do we call the company? "

"I see! Brilliant. You have to figure it out first, hahah! "
"I know! hahah!"

Drinking a great wine is exactly what it feels like to hear the favorite song of our favorite band, but why can't you show it to the outside, like the f**** tour shirts from every band?

The Prostshirts idea was born and after many evenings - actually always with good wine - it is now available.
And much more than that! Sweaters, bags, caps, everything ... everything we like.
Extremely sustainable, pure, organic and fairly produced.

Andi and Ingo make Prostshirts.